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Ancient greek dating system

To date a coin, you need to know the start date for the era. he had his headquarters in Damascus and spent some months in organizing the affairs of Syria and reducing it to the condition of a Roman province. Letters of the Greek alphabet such as A-N, standing for the months of the lunar year on the Athenian coins.

The eras in use at the various cities owed their origin to various circumstances. C., after the defeat of Tigranes Pompey entered Syria. THE CAESAREAN ERA dates from the victory of Caesar over Pompey at Pharsalia, Aug. On the series of Ptolemaic coins commencing with the era of Arsino II, A-Ω (= 1-24) and AA-ΩΩ (= 25-48), etc., are not, dates but sequence letters.

There were two basic types of marriage that provided legitimate offspring. Women married in this way produced sons who were legal heirs to their fathers' property.

The dowry was an important provision for the woman since she would not inherit her husband's property. The dowry would have to provide for the woman in case of either death or divorce, but it would be managed by her kurios.

It was in this winter month that most Athenian weddings took place.For example, AIP = year 111, CMH = year 248, and MH or HM = year 48. For alphabetic dates used at Sidon: A = 1, B = 2, = year in Greek), frequently written or abbreviated ETOYC, ET, or E.On the Egyptian coinage, both under the Ptolemies and under Rome, the character L, a symbol for "year," almost always precedes the date.The local era of a city or province will often date from an important event in the history of the city, district, or province. The Ephesian cistophori bear dates reckoned from this era. For the various Cyprian and Phoenician methods of dating coins, the student should consult the volumes of the British Museum Catalogue, Cyprus and Phoenicia.The events that were the origin of many local eras are unknown.

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It is thought that women were not allowed to watch theatre or perform at the theatre, although male actors did play women roles...