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It was part of a wider conversation about mental health which needs to be heard more often.'She believes her own battle began due to stress at school and the emotional turmoil when her father divorced Lily's stepmother, his third wife Orianne, in 2008.'There was a terrible disconnect that grew between us,' she later explained.

'Many of my deepest insecurities stem from my issues with my dad.'It brought back memories of Collins' bitter break-up with Lily's mother, his American second wife Jill Tavelman, in 1996, when Lily was seven years old.

She gorged on junk food, then forced herself to throw up, causing her hair to fall out and her nails to become brittle.'My throat burned and my oesophagus ached,' she has explained.Yet in what is a tough and unsparing portrayal, she refused most of the stand-bys other actresses have used when taking roles as anorexics: chiefly pale make-up and oversized clothes.Instead, 28-year-old Miss Collins, the Surrey-born daughter of former Genesis frontman Phil and his second wife, Jill Tavelman, drew on her own teenage experience and reportedly shed 20lb.Lily Collins' bones are jutting out, her cheeks are hollow and her eyes all but protuding from their sockets.She's playing a 20-year-old with an eating disorder in her latest film and she looks alarming frail.

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'So even though there was all this un-prettiness going on inside me, I wanted to make sure that my appearance and composure were a certain way .'Now I feel like I'm starting with a clean slate, so when I take a role I can let go more.'But watching Lily play a character dealing with such a similar disorder was tough for her mother to handle.

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