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In the case of garments workers colony there are some proxy wife practicing.From our investigation at Mirpur-7 industrial quarter, some housewives rent their houses to the garments workers.Moreover, the scenes of the parks in the capital are so vulnerable that if you just visit at Chandrima Uddan, Surawardy Park (If you just graze at the foot over bridge in front of Engineers’ Institute at Ramna you may find condoms of condoms), Farm gate you must testify by pointing out lots of condoms packet even in the broad daylight that we are passing through toughest days.In addition, a party culture so organized with model girls by the derailed class at different homes, pubs is also a concern.Those who have permanently or temporarily taken as profession do in consequence of sexual perversion and need to be controlled through constant check and balance jumping the education of morality and detaching the ‘ Godfather and Godmother’ who are themselves do prostitution and have grabbed the Ministry of Home Affairs.In an Islamic society, prostitution is checked in iron hand and simultaneously efforts to eliminate the reasons of being disseminated of poverty through distribution Zakat and directed monetary flow through investment and remission of family feud through consultation and realistic directions.

Used breakpoints and checked, its showing the same existing values which is there before editing.This amendment may lead toward one step forward of islamisation of the constitution of Bangladesh.Those who argues that poverty is the reason of prostitution, for their concern, it is to be asked about the reason of abstaining from taking as the profession of prostitution of nearly 4 crore unemployed men and women in Bangladesh.Furthermore, to put in the track properly, section 40 of the constitution ‘lawful profession or occupation’ is to be clarified.Since section 18(2) of the constitution guarantees to prevent prostitution, section 40 of the constitution must not go a far away: it is to be said that prostitution can not be taken as a profession.

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Girls and boys are indiscriminately allowed to live.

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