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Q: Why would Catholics opt for a high-tech dating method? Buono: In "traditional dating," you meet someone in person and spend time together, which is essential in knowing if they are the right person.But as there are not many places to meet good Catholics who are single, the Internet has become a primary place to meet people.We have fewer members than the dating services because there are fewer completely committed practicing single Catholics out there, and they are attracted to our concentrated, focused community of Catholics like themselves.And we work hard to make sure certain persons do not join; namely, those who are not eligible for sacramental marriage, who have a contraceptive mentality, or who are not serious about marriage. Please be aware this may prevent non-ad features of this site from working properly, including social media icons, display of products in our store, and other features.[Close this notice.] Anthony Buono, president of Ave Maria Singles, explains why his website is a better option for serious Catholics than many other dating sites.A true "date" should be something that takes place between two people who are open to answering a marriage call. Courtship presumes both people are called to marriage; they seek to discern if they are called to each other first through friendship, then courtship.It is irresponsible to fall in love when one or both are not serious about marriage. And as I mentioned earlier, the advantage of the Internet for promoting courtship is that it brings back the ancient, wholesome concept of "letter writing," which really fosters love between two hearts. Buono: Because those who are anxious to meet that right person are impatient, we discourage leaving prematurely by charging a one-time fee of to become a member and use the site for as long as it takes to find a spouse.

Christian sites attempt to bring back what is necessary in a relationship -- namely a Christ-centered approach.

It takes quite a long time to talk about these kinds of things in traditional dating, if ever. And in a world where problems with chastity are widespread even among Catholics, this concept of "letter writing" is truly an old way of forming relationships that has become new again.

Q: What special issues do modern Catholics face in dating and finding a spouse?

Our members are always amazed there are so many Catholics like themselves when they join -- this brings them great hope.

Ave Maria Singles specifically exists because we need strong, Catholic families to combat the "culture of death," to bear witness to Christ and rebuild society as the Holy Father has said.

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Q: How do you attempt to maintain the personalistic aspect of relationships?