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Review of chemistry dating

kind guy, boring sex; selfish girl, slammin' bod (and all variations in between).

With kind attention, Dhingra identifies the interplay of these key factors and guides us back home to the root concerns: what do we need to be good and true to ourselves, to be good and true to those we love, and how do we determine when to keep drinking or when to settle our tab fairly.

You can quickly pin-point which section(s) you need to read.

Or you can go through all of the sections and consider other questions you never thought about before.

Dhingra points out and deconstructs misconceptions that so many people make, and thought processes that are destructive.

There are questions I would have never thought to ask myself regarding the relationship I am currently in, and thankfully for me, the answers were all positive.

When reading this book, it kind of feels like you are having a conversation with the author.

I had friends dating total jerks because the jerk happened to be pretty hot. I had found it before (in my previous relationship) so I knew that it was possible. The book outlines the reasons why character is just as important as chemistry and has a lot of real world scenarios - my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Character & Chemistry is one such handy reference, both heartfelt and clear minded.

Dhingra creates a compass that is based on two criteria, the two "chis" which are character and chemistry.

As both a realist and a romantic, I don't want to give up either the practicality of good character or the good old-fashioned physical instinct that is chemistry!

And, as Dhingra points out, chemistry is in fact influenced by harmony in character.

Dhingra definitely makes the case that the "two chis" can competently guide dating decisions and successfully determine the potential for a solid relationship between two people, but the waters are a bit muddied by the title of the quiz at the end, "Is He/She the One?

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On that note, this book is more than a dating guide: it is ultimately about character.

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