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Spanking chat sin

I joined this bandwagon in 2005, on what used to be hopping place (! My blog there straggled along for a while, trying to find its audience, but there was so much competition. One, I was listed by our blog queen, Bonnie, who made a point of spotlighting new blogs in her “In With the New” column. Until My Space died, and I took the plunge and started a new blog on Blogger in 2010.

Things really picked up for me after that, but I still had a second holy grail to achieve. I flourished there for years, getting Chrossed often, sharing adventures and party stories and photos and scenes and video shoots, as well as bits and pieces of my personal life.

Some of you have my antiquated (but still functional) AOL address.

My gmail address is at the end of the About Me section here.

But now, it seems even our beloved Chross has given up the ghost.

And the annual Spanking Blogg Awards, put together by John Osborne of Triple A, finally eliminated the Best Creative Blogger category last year because it wasn’t getting any nominations.

I was lucky enough to win second place in 2015, that award’s final year.

And as for my personal life, I have been dealing with a great deal of grief and challenges over the past few months, including an ongoing situation with John that is stressful and scary.

I have watched many changes in what became known as social media.

In the early days for spanking chat and exploration, there were what was known as newsgroups, and various chat rooms.

Recently, Alex got a critique on her Tumblr that she is neglecting to post pictures of her anus.

She’s nicer than I am: I would have replied that if this person wants to see an asshole, they should look in a mirror.

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Often the latter devolved into a bunch of silly cyber spanking, but one could find intelligent conversation if one looked carefully.