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The gag was going to be that he was having sex with the watermelon.

And their escape would be a lot simpler on everybody involved if Hank didn't keep stepping in at the most inopportune times....The first dates I go on are still full of snap-judgements and self-description, but I don't want my clothing to do the heavy lifting for me — my own voice says more than a bib with buckles ever could.I've learned that despite how scary it can feel, I'll save myself some heartache by playing the role of me and accepting the outcome without regret.A person I understand better each time someone decides he doesn't want to know her anymore.Once, I frantically ran my overalls to a tailor after I busted the long side zipper in the middle of a "first drink" (it was embarrassing but ultimately endearing).

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But as with all comfort objects, I outgrew the need.

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